The CGIUKI Board call for prospective Board members

The CGIUKI Board (Board) is seeking to appoint new Board members to assist in the effective management and control of The Chartered Governance Institute’s assets and operations in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and the Associated Territories, Crown Dependencies and the Isle of Man (CGIUKI Division). In 2021-22 the CGIUKI’s group operating income was c£7million and net assets c£34m.

There are seven vacancies to be filled and we would encourage all members of the Institute and those candidates with the required experience to stand as we continue our efforts to drive the profession forward.

We are always on the lookout for fresh ideas, diverse experience and new viewpoints in order to safeguard the future of the profession and we would especially welcome applications from candidates with academic, financial and/or commercial expertise and experience. For further information on these requirements, please contact Cynthia Mora Spencer, Head of Secretariat.

Additionally, we are conscious that CGIUKI has a wide geographical diversity and that certain territories are underrepresented within our Board, so we actively encourage candidates outside the UK to apply.

Role of the CGIUKI Board 

The Board has responsibility for the overall leadership of the division, setting its vision, mission and values and making sure its goals are met. It carries out this responsibility by reviewing and approving the division’s strategic aims, objectives and annual strategic and business plans, and the approval of the division’s group’s annual operating and capital expenditure budgets. The Schedule of Matters Reserved for the Board and Scheme of Delegation are available here.

There are currently 10 Board members (four of them seeking re-election). The CEO and the Finance Director attend meetings regularly, and other members of the Executive Team attend where appropriate. 

Responsibilities of Board members 

Elected members of the Board have a role that is akin to that of a non-executive director. They are expected to:

  • Have a genuine interest in, and a good understanding of, the work of the Institute and the profession it represents.
  • Promote the success of CGIUKI and its members.
  • Act as an advocate for CGIUKI with members, students, and the wider governance community to enhance CGIUKI’s reputation.
  • Promote and demonstrate high standards of ethical behaviour and corporate governance.
  • Exercise independent judgment, particularly avoiding any personal conflict of interest and ensuring that all relevant business, professional, and other interests are declared.
  • Demonstrate an ability to analyse complex information, to question, probe and seek clarification in order to come to an independent and unbiased view.
  • Review papers, attend meetings, ability to be part of a team and contribute to debates providing constructive challenge and when appropriate and complete actions as agreed.
  • Comply with the CGIUKI Code of Conduct for Volunteers and Letter of Undertaking.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality regarding sensitive information and the business of the Board.

On this occasion, we would especially welcome applications from candidates who bring relevant academic, financial and/or commercial expertise and experience specially those within the early stages of their career.

Time commitment

A minimum of six meetings are held each year either at the Institute’s head offices in London or virtually by electronic means. Meetings that the successful candidates are expected to attend in 2023 are scheduled on 14 September and 21/22 November 2023. 

The annual general meeting of CGIUKI is expected to be around February each year, around the same time as a Board meeting. You might also be called upon to attend other Board meetings to deal with any urgent matters, although it is unlikely that this would occur often.  In addition, you may be asked to serve on committees and/or working groups of the Board which will require additional time commitments. For information on committees/working groups time commitments, please click here.

Period of Appointment 

The appointment will be made for an initial period of three years. Commencing on 1 August 2023, Board members are eligible to stand for re-election for a second three-year period. 


Members are not remunerated for their service but can claim reasonable expenses incurred in carrying out their duties/or role according to CGIUKI’s expenses policy.

Next steps

This is an exciting opportunity to support the work of the CGIUKI, so if you have the skills described above, and are interested in joining the Board as member, please write a statement (500 words) detailing your experience and what you think you can bring to the Board. You must be nominated by two individuals, one of whom must be a member of a Chartered Body. Please also attach your CV or your LinkedIn profile.

Your expressions of interest should be emailed to Cynthia Mora Spencer, Head of Secretariat at, by midnight on Sunday 28 May 2023.  The next election will take place between Friday 2 June 2023 and Sunday 9 July 2023.

More information about the Board and the governance structure of CGIUKI’s Division of The Chartered Governance Institute can be found on our website or if you would like to speak to Cynthia Mora Spencer, please get in touch with her at the email address above. 

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