CGIUKI Annual General Meeting 2021

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AGM Results 2021

The annual general meeting of the CGIUKI Division of The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland was held virtually at 18.00hrs (GMT) on Monday 8 February 2021 through CESjoinIN to transact the following business:

  1. To receive and consider the annual report and financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2020.
  2. To re-appoint Haysmacintyre LLP as auditors and to authorise the CGIUKI Committee to set their fees.
  3. To approve the amendments to the CGIUKI Regulations of 3 February 2020 as set out in appendix A to this notice.
  4. Subject to the approval of resolution 3, to authorise the Head of Secretariat to consecutively re-number the Regulations (as amended after voting on resolution 3) and update internal cross-references correspondingly, as set out in appendix B to this notice.
  5. Subject to the approval of resolution 3, to authorise the Head of Secretariat, as a matter of course, to correct any amendments to the Regulations which do not materially affect the intent and meaning of the proposed Regulations as set out in Resolution 3.


The vast majority of the voting members approved the resolutions put forward at the annual general meeting.

The following resolutions were voted on by way of a poll.

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