Data is a critical business asset that needs prioritising, Governance body stresses

London, 9 October 2019 – Data should be a priority issue for everyone, regardless of sector or industry, and organisations need to view it as a critical business asset according to The Chartered Governance Institute.

Charis Evans, Business Development Director at The Chartered Governance Institute says:

“In today’s emerging digital economy, increasing numbers of organisations are recognising the value that their data holds, and the risks it also presents them with. Not all corporate strategies recognise customer data as a critical business asset yet, however, and this is a position that needs to change. We have all seen what can happen when companies do not properly resource data protection. Boards additionally need to recognise that data should be a priority, not just in terms of trying to avoid data leaks, but also in terms of facilitating better decision making. Boards must rise to the challenge of learning to talk digital and embrace effective data governance if organisations are to thrive in the digital economy.”

As part of its efforts to focus attention on the issue, The Chartered Governance Institute is holding a Data Governance Summit on 11 November at America Square Conference Centre in London. Technology experts, such as Susan Hooper, Non-executive Director of Uber, Elena Mariotti of IBM and Isabella de Michelis, CEO and Founder of Earnierapp, are among those speaking.

Topics that will be covered are as follows:

  • Speaking digital in the boardroom
  • Unlocking data value
  • GDPR one year on
  • Data ethics and data bias in the boardroom
  • User rights and decision-making in the boardroom
  • Reputational risk: shaping the narrative.

Professor Philip Treleaven, Director of the UK Centre for Financial Computing and Professor of Computing at University College London will introduce three entrepreneurs who will each pitch a project related to governance, compliance and RegTech. Rob Shapland, Head of Awareness at Falanx will illustrate the importance of taking data seriously with a practical demonstration of what can go wrong and tips to help delegates protect themselves and their companies.

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Notes to Editors:

  1. The Chartered Governance Institute is the qualifying and membership body for governance with over 125 years’ experience of educating and supporting governance professionals. With a Royal Charter purpose of leading ‘effective and efficient governance and administration of commerce, industry and public affairs’, we provide professional development, guidance and thought leadership, and work with regulators and policy makers to champion high standards. Website: 
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