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Welcome to The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland press office. We can provide you with articles, spokespeople, speakers, leading commentary and objective analysis on all matters related to governance, risk and compliance. In particular, as the leading authority on governance, we provide expert analysis on legal and regulatory issues in the corporate, not-for-profit and public sectors.

Mindful Exclusion: new report reveals the blind spots that are impeding directors and executives in their roles

13 May 2021

Irish Business Focus - 13 May 2021. Read more

Handforth Parish Council chairman admits 'losing cool' in viral meeting

19 April 2021

BBC News Online (Manchester) - 17 April 2021. Read more

Book Review: Directors’ Handbook By Mark Wearden

06 April 2021

Yorkshire Times - 3 April 2021. Read more

High Court dismisses case against Kids Company founder & trustees

15 February 2021

UK Fundraising - 15 February 2021. Read more

Could do better: the need for tougher board reviews

29 January 2021

Irish Times - 29 January 2021. Read more

Push to improve listed company board evaluations

20 January 2021

Accountancy Daily - 20 January 2021. Read more

Board Evaluation Review Published Today Shows There’s Room For Improvement

20 January 2021

Yorkshire Times - 20 January 2021. Read more

Will Big Bang 2.0 reset the City’s financial compass?

18 January 2021

The Sunday Telegraph - 17 January 2021. Read more

Governance professionals seek to cement the island’s reputation as a premier offshore financial jurisdiction

11 November 2020

Business365 - 11 November 2020. Read more

My son studied law but doesn’t want to be a solicitor. Does he have other options?

10 November 2020

The Irish Times - 11 November 2020. Read more

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