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If you are getting to grips with new governance responsibilities or are looking for a career that will set you on the fast track to working with the board, we are here to help with a number of internationally recognised qualifications to develop the skills and understanding of those working in governance across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Explore our core programmes below or download our catalogue for details on all qualifications from The Chartered Governance Institute.

Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme

The Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme covers seven subjects at two levels. Students without a background in law, finance or governance start with the Foundation Programme at Level 4 (first year undergraduate level) to learn the key concepts that underpin the rest of the Qualifying Programme.

Students with a law, finance or governance background may be able to start at Part One at Level 6 (final year undergraduate level). Part One builds your technical knowledge of governance, law, finance and compliance.

Exams take place in June and November.* If we do not have an exam centre in your country of residence, we can help you to make arrangements.

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Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance

This internationally-recognised qualification will give you the knowledge and skills needed to embed good governance practice at the heart of your organisation, whether that be a company in the private sector, a voluntary organisation or a public sector body.

The course is designed to give an in-depth understanding of key concepts in the area of corporate governance, among them leadership and the role of the board, risk management and internal controls, and shareholder relations.

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Certificate in Corporate Governance

If you work in a role with governance responsibilities, such as secretarial assistant, executive assistant or governance officer, the Certificate in Corporate Governance can help improve your performance and add value to your organisation.

This is a Level 4 qualification which introduces you to the key frameworks, codes and legal and regulatory requirements which underpin effective corporate governance.

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