Christmas Governance Quiz

This event took place on Tuesday 14 December

So you think you know about Governance

An extremely light hearted, unconventional and off beat quiz on governance. The session provided an opportunity for particiapants to assess their knowledge about governance principles (and trivia!) and to evaluate how Up-To-Date they are in the subject.

Examples of questions in previous years have included:
  • Can a computer algorithm be a registered director?
  • Which country in the World holds the record for the fastest incorporation of a company?

A prize was awarded to the lucky person/team who goy the most questions right and someone/team also won the wooden spoon award.


Chris Pierce, CEO, Global Governance Services

Visiting Professor of International Corporate Governance at the University of Lincoln and East Midlands CGI Branch Committee Member.

An international governance consultant with experience of working in over 70 countries from Azerbaijan to Zambia. He is also an author of many governance books and articles.

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