Webinar: The board's role in crisis management

This event was held on Tuesday 4 February.

When something goes wrong in an organisation the board will always find itself in the spotlight, receiving scrutiny from all stakeholders such as investors and regulators, as well as the media. Examples of boards featuring in news headlines are easy to come by.

In this increasingly volatile environment, it is no longer possible to say ‘it can’t happen to us’ or ‘we’d manage.’ There are actions boards and company secretaries can take now – and questions they can ask – to give themselves comfort that the organisation is prepared to manage a crisis. When the stakes are high and scrutiny is intense, the board has a unique role. Stepping in may be uncomfortable, but stepping aside is not an option.

Boards are better equipped to not only navigate crisis but to tackle challenges that regularly occur within the boardroom. Ensuring that the board has the right composition and dynamics, as well as structures and processes in place to withstand a crisis is important.

Our breakfast briefing looked at board effectiveness through the lens of crisis and challenges.

Kindly sponsored and hosted by Deloitte, this briefing examined:

  • what can go wrong;
  • the board’s role in crisis management;
  • key enablers of noard effectiveness; and
  • how the company secretary can help optimise board effectiveness.

The session was led by Melissa Scully, Director, and Sinéad Barry, Manager from Deloitte Ireland’s Centre for Corporate Governance.

View the slides here.

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