The Chartered Governance Institute - How well is your Board positioned on Cyber Resilience: personally and as a board?

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How well is your Board positioned on
Cyber Resilience: personally and as a board?

The Irish Computer Society is currently conducting a survey of Board Members of Irish organisations to assess how well equipped Boards are in this increasingly important area. Some key questions for Board Secretaries to reflect on are: 

  • how well does my Board understand the difference between Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience?
  • does my Board have a 'reasonable and defensible' position in relation to the measures it has taken to protect the organisation from cyber threats?
  • how well informed is my Board about the applicability of S.I. No. 360/2018 (European Union (Measures for a High Common Level of Security of Network and Information Systems) Regulations 2018)? and the criminal sanctions (personally and as an organisation) for non-compliance?

As a first step in raising awareness, we are pleased to support this initiative and invite company secretaries, governance professionals and board members to complete the survey. Survey link here: LINK 

The closing date for completing the survey is Friday 25 September.  Results will be used as part of a major awareness campaign next month (which is designated European Cyber Security Month).  We will share the results with members in due course once they become available.

In the meantime, here is a link to a quiz on privacy and security that may be of interest to those who belong to a Board:

Needless to say, all answers are completely confidential and anonymous.  Bob Semple of the Irish Computer Society will be happy any questions you have about the survey (e: or m: 086 810 6434)

Thank you for your support of this important initiative.

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