Corporate Secretary's Workshop - Good Governance: Opportunities & threats in a digital age

This event was held on Tuesday 18 June 2019

The Jamaica branch in association with the Jamaica Stock Exchange had an informative workshop as we explored the value of good governance, effective board decision making and giving ear to stakeholders' voice.

The agenda for the day was:

The value of good governance

  • Governance and Non-Executive Directors’ roles
  • Governance Hot Topics
  • Guidance on Board Effectiveness 

Effective board decision making

  • Go beyond getting the right people around the table
  • Outcomes of The Institute's recent research
  • Guidance notes on managing effective board reporting 

Giving ear to stakeholders' voice

  • Engaging the stakeholders
  • What stakeholders desire from the companies they invest in
  • How stakeholders’ interests can dovetail into the Company’s goals 

Panel Discussion

  • Next Generation Governance and the advance of Artificial Intelligence

Technological innovation and implication for good governance

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