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Governance Project of the Year

This award recognises transformational governance projects that are significant in terms of their size, nature or the value they created for the organisation. Nominees can be individuals, teams or companies, and the project must have been completed in the 12 months to 31 July 2019.

  • The nature of the project, its purpose and its significance for the organisation;
  • Why you feel the project is unusually worthy of recognition;
  • What made the project innovative or unique;
  • The degree to which the project has added value and/or been transformational – and the measurable results that illustrate this; and
  • Legacy – the potential impact it may have on the work of other organisations or the wider profession.

If you have any questions about the nomination or judging process please contact us.

How to nominate

You can nominate by using the online nomination form below. Alternatively, you can download the nomination form and upon completion upload by pressing "choose file" below, or email your completed form to

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Who are you nominating?

Why do you think this project should win this award?

  • Outline who worked on the project (including any technology providers, consultancies, etc), and list the key dates - e.g. when it started, when implementation began, when it went live.
  • What problem was it trying to solve? What were the stated objectives?
  • What made the project innovative or unique?
  • Describe the plan for designing and implementing the solution. Were any safeguards put in place for the unexpected?
  • What methods and techniques were used to manage the delivery of outputs, outcomes and benefits?
  • How did the programme managers work with other areas of the business/suppliers?
  • Show how diplomacy, agility and skill were used to overcome obstacles.
  • Describe the extent to which project objectives were met.
  • Illustrate (through numbers) the positive impact the project has had on the organisation or its customers/clients.
  • What metrics are being used to measure the continued success of the project?
  • What else was special about this project? Is it likely to be replicated anywhere else?
  • What lessons were learned for use elsewhere in your organisation?

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