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Service Provider of the Year

This award is open to individuals or companies providing company secretarial or governance services to other organisations. In this category we recognise providers that have gone significantly beyond their basic service to provide a more valued, and valuable, contribution. Where possible you must support your nomination for this award with testimonials from the client(s) concerned. Please note the judging panel may contact some or all of the client companies you use as evidence in your application. There is space at the end of the form for you to provide us with contact details of these clients. Remember to get their permission before submitting their details to us.

We also accept nominations directly from client companies. If you would like to nominate your service provider please contact us.

In this category there are four questions. For each you need to explain how the nominee has:

  • delivered beyond the basic service for which they are paid
  • added value for the client and made a significant impact on the overall performance of the client’s organisation(s)
  • used technology in innovative ways to improve the efficiency and performance of the client’s businesses
  • met and overcome the challenges of dealing with more exceptional projects or transactions

You can also provide further detail in the free text box. 

How to nominate

You can nominate by using the online nomination form below. Alternatively, you can download the nomination form and upon completion upload by pressing "choose file" below, or email your completed form to

Nomination form

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Privacy and Terms

We will use your contact details to communicate with you about your nomination and the awards evening. Please ensure that you have the permission of your nominee/s to propose them. If your nominee/s are shortlisted, we will use the contact details that you have provided to seek their consent to participate in the next stage.

See our privacy statement for more about how ICSA uses and protects personal data.
Read the terms and conditions for Awards nominations before you submit your entry.

Why do you think you or your company should win this award?

  • How have you exceeded expectations?
  • How has the service you provide(d) added value for the client and made an impact on its performance?
  • For example, have you used technology in new and innovative ways to improve efficiency and performance?
  • Please supply the name of the company and the name of someone we can contact there, as well as their phone number and email address. Remember to get permission before submitting their details to us.

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