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This award is for those in a company secretarial or governance role who have less than five years’ service. The judges are interested in nominees who already make a significant contribution to their organisation, and whose recent achievements show their high future potential. This category is not open to self-nominations.

Your entry for this award should cover:

  • Why you feel the nominee is destined to get to the top of the profession;
  • How the nominee has already demonstrated significant proficiency in the way they manage their responsibilities;
  • How the impact they have made has contributed to the overall performance of the organisation; and
  • Anything else relevant to why you feel the nominee deserves to win this award.

If you have any questions about the nomination or judging process please contact us.

How to nominate

You can nominate by using the online nomination form below. Alternatively, you can download the nomination form and upon completion upload by pressing "choose file" below, or email your completed form to

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Privacy and Terms

We will use your contact details to communicate with you about your nomination and the awards evening. Please ensure that you have the permission of your nominee/s to propose them. If your nominee/s are shortlisted, we will use the contact details that you have provided to seek their consent to participate in the next stage.

See our privacy statement for more about how ICSA uses and protects personal data.
Read the terms and conditions for Awards nominations before you submit your entry.

Who are you nominating?

Why do you think the nominee should win this award?

  • You may want to include information about the working relationships they have established with senior staff and other members of the team.
  • What particular skills have they demonstrated? What are the personal qualities that have contributed to their success?
  • Please provide detail on the range of activities undertaken by the nominee, as well as the impact this has had.
  • Please also outline any circumstances where the nominee has exceeded expectations and delivered a level of service above and beyond their role.
  • Why is this the year you feel they should win an award?
  • Has the nominee shown an interest in influencing and shaping the wider profession in any way?
  • Tell us about any specialist knowledge and expertise the nominee is developing outside the day-to-day.

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