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Champion for Governance - Shortlist 2023

Shortlist 2023

  • Tesse Akpeki FCG, Leadership and Governance Strategist,
    Tesse Akpeki Associates Limited
  • Dr. Maryam Ficociello, Chief Governance Officer,
    Red Sea Global
  • Kate Humphreys, Head of Compliance,
    YouGov plc
  • Justine Little, Senior Assistant Company Secretary,
    John Lewis Partnership plc
  • John Mills, Company Secretary,
    Santander UK
  • Nicki Wood, Programme Leader for MSc Governance,
    University of Lincoln

About the Award

A champion may be many things. They may be a visionary, someone who opens doors and creates ‘the new’. They may be an evangelist, inspiring and challenging others. Or they may be the person who drives and pushes for recognition – for others, and their profession.

This award recognises those members of the governance community whom you think deserve the title ‘champion’. Perhaps they lead by example, advocating and demonstrating through their behaviours the value of good governance. Or maybe they have the personal touch, bringing in new talent, nurturing and helping them to flourish. Perhaps, simply, they’re the people who won’t be ignored, who will make a noise and stand up for what’s right.

The judges are looking for nominees who demonstrate any or all of these qualities and more, and who make a significant and very positive impact upon other people and upon their organisation. They are looking for evidence of why nominees are champions, and why this is the year they should win an award.

2019 award winners

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