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Glass Lewis

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Glass Lewis is the world’s choice for governance solutions. We enable publicly listed companies and institutional investors to make sustainable decisions based on research and data. We cover 30,000+ meetings each year across approximately 100 global markets. Our team has been providing in-depth analysis of companies since 2003, relying solely on publicly available information to inform its policies, research, and voting recommendations. 

We have teams located across the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific giving us global reach with a local perspective on the important governance issues. The research team engages extensively with public companies, investors, regulators, and other industry stakeholders to gain relevant context into the realities surrounding companies, sectors, and the market in general. This enables us to provide the most comprehensive and pragmatic insights to our customers. 

Public companies around the world use Glass Lewis’ Governance Hub to access our industry-leading Proxy Paper analysis and voting recommendations, along with a library of thought leadership on trending executive compensation and ESG topics. Public companies can also use our innovative Report Feedback Statement to deliver their opinion on our proxy research directly to the voting decision-makers at every investor client in time for voting decisions to be made or changed; and our Issuer Data Report to validate the information used in Glass Lewis analysis.

Visit and learn how Glass Lewis can support your company’s governance and shareholder engagement initiatives.

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