Compliance chaos and complexity – How teamwork streamlines and simplifies the corporate secretary role


At Computershare, we understand the importance of teamwork and have placed tremendous value on our efforts to create a team environment with our clients and their corporate secretaries. Further demonstrating the significance we place on teamwork, Computershare is sponsoring the CGIUKI Team of the Year award this year. This award recognises excellent collaboration and effective and innovative teamwork demonstrated by a company’s secretarial and governance team. Aligning perfectly with Computershare’s internal goals, objectives, and strategy, we couldn’t be more excited to support this award.

For decades, many organisations have handled global entity compliance on a reactionary basis or in isolation with no real processes or controls to ensure the corporate data at the centre matches the actual legal position on the ground at the local level. Providing only surface coverage, these traditional tactics of siloed data sources and local support delivered by several different vendors pose the thread of a general lack of central visibility and seriously disjointed data, leaving the corporate secretary feeling overwhelmed, alone, and overall making the job more difficult than it needs to be.

This is true because, up until now, most global enterprises have relied on a combination of in-house and external vendors localised to specific geographies across the globe to fulfill their compliance obligations and feed their libraries of regulatory and statutory compliance data and documents – with varying degrees of success. Yet, they never achieve true data integrity, central visibility or transparency of their cross-border status.

The fact is, having no reliable central data point, inconsistent local capabilities, and a lack of transparency without a team of experts supporting entity management efforts, creates inefficiencies that have historically hindered the corporate secretary’s view of global entity compliance.

Working with a team of in-house technology developers and entity governance experts would certainly help corporate secretaries overcome the many global entity compliance challenges, and complexities routinely faced and create a much-needed comprehensive global methodology. Simplified tracking of compliance status for every entity eliminates the risk associated with non-compliance and fines that come with it. And when this is overseen by a central team comprised of industry-leading governance experts, the corporate secretary role becomes more proactive versus reactive.

Advisory conversations with your provider about local issues and expert advisory insights have provided greater overall governance for global entity management activities. And, taking it a step further, a highly effective and collaborative team environment to support all of your needs gives the corporate secretary a level of empowerment they never knew existed.

Essentially, having one partner to provide global managed services and all things related, including governance advisory services, registrar services, employee share plans, registered agent services, and state-of-the-art technology, puts you and your corporate secretary at a serious advantage. Proactive governance insights, services and data delivered when you need it positions your company for success in the market. And, who doesn’t want success?

At the end of the day, the teamwork delivered by your provider is going to set the stage for your success. And, as an extension of your team, your provider should continually work hand-in-hand with you, supporting all your needs now and well into the future—one partner, one team, one goal equals SUCCESS.

Best of luck to all nominees!

For more about Computershare and our commitment to teamwork we encourage you to watch this video from Mark Cleland, Computershare CEO Issuer Services, UCIA.

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