Responding to member needs

The launch of the online magazine platform is an exciting development for CGIUKI

I am thrilled to announce the launch of our online platform for G+C. This marks the achievement of a long-term strategic aim of CGIUKI and an important step forward in the Institute’s efforts to champion good governance and invest in our future.

The creation of the platform came out of our desire to meet our members’ demands for a more sustainable magazine and to provide more equitable access to readers globally.

Our ambition for is to make it easy to search for, share and access articles in the magazine and to increase the frequency at which we deliver content – all with a view to making sure readers can get the most value from G+C. I am pleased that this new platform will deliver on all of these aims.

As always, development and integration of the new platform with other CGUKI sites will be an ongoing journey, but this launch is a positive move closer to becoming the digitally integrated professional body that we wish to be.

The ability to deliver the magazine digitally, as well as in print, is crucial to keep pace with the changing working lives and patterns of our members and readers who are increasingly working in remote or hybrid environments. In this setting, the ability to access and share content easily online is more important than ever. We recently carried out a substantial survey of governance professionals and the workplace, looking into how recent changes on where and how we work are impacting members experience of work and their ability to perform well; look out for the details of what we found out in the September print issue – highlights will be shared at Governance 2023 in July. As part of this research, we asked how the Institute could support members and over a third of responses picked delivery of a digital magazine.

Reader experience

I’m confident that this new platform will deliver an improved experience for our members and subscribers, but I know that Holly is eager to keep building and improving, so please do contact her if you have any comments or questions when you’re accessing the site. In the meantime, happy browsing.

Sara Drake, CEO of The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland

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