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Governance Guernsey 2021 – Creating a sustainable future

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Aspida Advisory Services offer a practical and pragmatic ‘one stop shop’ partnering with regulated businesses to ensure they have, and follow, fully compliant policies, procedures and controls.

The regulatory landscape is ever changing – we can advise and support directors and senior managers on how to continue to meet these regulatory requirements whilst ensuring that their business continues to meet its strategic objectives and remains attractive to its clients.

Special Project Support
Whatever the scenario, from new laws being passed or regulations introduced, to you taking on new business that needs multiple client reviews or when you suddenly find yourself in need of a special project, Aspida can be at your service.

The regulatory services we provide are tailored to your particular needs. We can provide a provision of individual regulatory specialists to support you in multiple ways.

We are able to provide a full suite of corporate governance requirements for boards.

The deadline for compliance with the GSFC Cyber Rules is looming. Your cybersecurity programme does not remain static. There is an ongoing requirement to ensure that your business remains compliant and takes into consideration developing trends and risks.

We are able to assist your business in ensuring that you continue to monitor and develop your cybersecurity programme in line with your strategic objectives and risk appetite.

Internal Audit
If you need assurance that your company’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively, we offer an independent evaluation of your risk management, controls and overall compliance function.

Resolver by Aspida
Our services are facilitated using cutting edge software, Resolver by Aspida, which enables in-depth and ongoing testing with the peace of mind that it incorporates all of the latest developments in Guernsey regulations and industry best practices.

Horizon Scanning

What’s coming next? We help you to remain one-step ahead, continually horizon scanning to help you meet your regulatory obligations and so much more.

Aspida – Your partner in protecting and growing your business.

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