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Governance Guernsey 2021 – Creating a sustainable future


At Ruffer, we do one thing. We invest money on a discretionary basis, on behalf of our clients.

We can never be certain about the future, so we aim to deliver positive returns regardless of how financial markets perform. We do this by maintaining an offsetting balance of growth and protective assets.

We take on the responsibility for allocating our clients assets, managing risk, and coping with uncertainty.

We conduct our own independent research, actively manage investments and operate freely, without the straitjacket of relative returns or market benchmarks.

We look after wealth for private clients, financial planners, trusts, charities, pension funds and collective investment schemes, in the UK and internationally. We also offer a range of funds.

We have a long track record of protecting and growing the value of our clients’ assets since the firm was founded in 1994. Our approach has been successful in protecting our clients through the bursting of the bubble, the credit crisis and covid-19. We aim to continue this success, whatever the future holds.

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