Day One

Day One - 1 December 2021

08.45 Networking, roundtables, and exhibition area open
09.15 Welcome and opening remarks

Keynote: Governing subsidiaries in a fractured world

The world in recent years has seemed a more unstable place than in several decades, with political alliances frayed, new alliances forming and uncertainty in the ascendant. All of that only adds to the challenges faced by businesses which operate multiple entities in multiple jurisdictions. In this session we consider the changing geopolitical and regulatory environment and the risks and challenges this may bring for parent companies and their subsidiaries.

Meenakshi Gupta, Legal Counsel and Company Secretary, ACCOR


Ensuring effective oversight and auditing of subsidiaries 

A robust system of oversight and auditing is an essential part of building effective governance, managing risk and identifying areas of weakness. For subsidiaries, the “arm’s length” relationship can mean problems develop into crises before the parent is even aware. In this case study session, we explore what information parents need to head problems off at the pass, and how to ensure smooth information flows and a transparent audit trail.

Catherine Davey, Head of Subsidiary Governance, BP

Chloe Barry, Kingfisher, Title to be confirmed

Mark Babington, Executive Director of Regulatory Standards, FRC


Stretch break


Companies House update

Companies House recently implemented some of the most important changes to its services since the register was created in 1844. In this session, our speakers discuss the changes and reflect upon their likely impact upon subsidiaries both in the UK and overseas. We will also give an update on other issues pertinent to subsidiaries, particularly the issues caused by not permitting electronic filings when registering an overseas company. 

Stuart Morgan, Head of Policy, Companies House


Networking break with roundtables from sponsors


Practical lessons in subsidiary reporting: a case study

Session description to follow


A continuity of good governance?

Establishing an effective governance framework to underpin the relationship between parent and subsidiaries is vital if that relationship is going to work. How, though, to ensure a continuity of good governance throughout the group? And how, in such a divided world, to reconcile the demands of very different legal, regulatory, and political regimes? Drawing upon real world examples, our panellists discuss the practical challenges in building and maintaining a robust framework.

David Gracie, Director, Indigo Governance

Natalie Paddock, EU Group Company Secretary, Corporate Secretary's Office - Legal, Compliance and Government Affairs (LCGA), Assurant


Closing remarks

12.45 End of Day One

Optional workshops 

ESG Reporting - looking at the practicalities and challenges of subsidiary reporting (Sold out)

This workshop will look at the ESG reporting from the perspective of both the subsidiary and the parent Company. Looking at the regulatory reporting requirements, as well as how to report on material ESG issues. It will include tips for gathering and collating the required data, as well as developing the narrative on ESG issues and engaging with stakeholders.

Workshop Leader: Melissa Kittermaster, Director, Asesoria Group Ltd


Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 December 2021




Morning - the conference

Afternoon - workshops

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