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Kim-Adele Randall Chief Executive Officer

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Kim-Adele is at the leading edge of ‘Championing Human Potential’ individually & organizationally for 21st Century Board/C-Suite Level leaders. A world-renowned leadership coach, an internationally bestselling author, inspirational keynote speaker, and master coach, she couples 25 years in the corporate world, with lessons she has garnered throughout her amazing and unique life story, to help others achieve sustainable transformation for professional and personal success.

Currently writing the forthcoming book Authentic Achievements – The 7 Secrets to Building Brave Belief, Unstoppable Sales, and Turning Your Leaders Into Talent Magnets for Guaranteed Sustainable Growth, sharing advice, stories and inspiration to help you achieve exponential growth personally and for your business, based on her proven results for organisations including Capital One, Iris and Eon.

Kim-Adele’s journey has taken her from an NVQ in hairdressing to the boardrooms of the FTSE 250, navigating through some traumatic plot twists along the way. Having lived a colourful life apprenticeship, she more than understands integrally what it means to feel disconnected, which in turn embedded the importance of the core values of ‘humanity, presence, kindness and courage for her.

Bringing these values into the leadership arena or to the boardroom table has sparked her champion of human potential to new levels. She is also a mother to a beautiful daughter who drives her daily to live life to the fullest and leave a legacy that matters.

Kim-Adele’s Co-Authored the books: Remote Working, Women Leading and Pivot and Grow, which all became international bestsellers when published in 2020. She an executive producer of a variety of shows, host of Authentic Achievements and co-founder of International Imposter Syndrome Awareness Day.

She also runs a portfolio of Non-Exec and Interim positions Globally.

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