Euronext Corporate Services

Euronext Corporate Services was established in response to the needs voiced by nearly 200 corporate issuers in a survey in 2016. This study showed that the four main operational efficiency challenges for issuers were:

  • Establishing and implementing an efficient investor relations strategy
  • Enhancing visibility and communication
  • Improving governance
  • Complying with regulation

As a result, Euronext Corporate Services now offers a suite of cutting-edge solutions and tailor-made advisory services in the fields of governance (iBabs), communication (Company Webcast), compliance (ComplyLog) and investor relations (Advisory and IR Solutions) to over 4,000 organisations from corporates to the public sector.

is a range of groundbreaking digital tools designed by legal experts. These tools aim to help companies meet the growing demands of European compliance laws and corporate regulations more efficiently.

The portfolio expands upon the success of InsiderLog, originally created by a lawyer in 2016 as a direct response to the requirements of the European Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) which increased the administrative burden on legal teams. Building on the benefits of InsiderLog, the ComplyLog suite of products was born: an expanded set of online tools that aim to expertly simplify and automate various additional compliance and corporate processes, saving our customers more valuable time and reducing the risks involved in manual reporting. These products include IntegrityLog, LiabilityLog, TradeLog.

iBabs is one of Europe’s fastest growing meeting management solutions. In this fast-paced world, you need a meeting management solution that is simple, efficient, and incredibly easy to use. With iBabs, you can manage the entire meeting process on a single platform from agenda creation, distribution of meeting packs and making annotations to capturing decisions, creating minutes and reporting.

We are proud that we offer our own bespoke video conferencing, digital signing and workflow tools with the highest security standards and as such we are used much deeper in organisations than other solutions. Some customers have 20 users others have 2,000. We are also proud that over the past 3 years we have become the solution of choice for many Irish organisations from state and semi-state to Banks, PLCs and charities. Every day over 300,000 people rely on iBabs across 12 languages and on any device. Over 3,000 companies have joined the iBabs family as we have market leading functionality at ¼ of the price of traditional providers.

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