Gretel is the award-winning AI-enabled platform that transforms asset reunification from a repetitive and often costly, paper-based process into a simple and accessible 3-minute digital journey.

The Challenge
Despite decades of successful tracing programmes, there are still an estimated 2 million retail shareholders due approximately £2.5 billion in shares and dividends.

Whilst traditional shareholder tracing programmes have been the go-to solution for the past 20 years, their efficacy in recent years has reduced and there has been increasing unease with shareholders paying to get back their own entitlements.

The Solution
Gretel delivers a free to shareholder, real time centralised solution for reconnection, helping individuals stay connected to their money while rediscovering what they may already have forgotten about in a quick and accessible customer journey.

Further, with it’s always on functionality, Gretel actively addresses shareholder disconnection as it arises ensuring rapid intervention and remediation.

Gretel can either augment traditional tracing approaches used by firms today or provide a new approach where traditional tracing has been deemed unviable. Gretel supports numerous ESG initiatives, including small shareholder initiatives, charitable giving, forfeiture and participation in the Dormant Assets Scheme.

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