Kuberno exists to transform the way Company Secretaries work through providing them with the tools and techniques to deliver effective and efficient governance. Our mission is to beat bureaucracy and give governance a good name. We achieve this through technology and consultancy, both transformational projects and on demand support.

Kuberno was born out of a dream to deliver technology solutions that enhanced the role of the Company Secretary rather than hindered it. The culmination of that dream was the launch of Kube – the first to market entity governance platform - in May 2021. In order for technology to truly transform the working lives of Company Secretaries, the way the Secretariat function operated was also of paramount importance. As such, we are the only Governance Services provider whose primary focus is Governance Operations. We believe that the way in which governance is delivered is of equal importance to the design of the governance framework.  

Streamlined, transparent and effective governance operations oil the machine of transformation, enabling change for the better. At Kuberno, we view ourselves as “bureaucracy busters”, seeking out overly complex and hierarchical practices and replacing them with clear, efficient, and where appropriate, digitally enabled processes to empower the Secretariat function to deliver great governance solutions and support businesses as a trusted adviser. 



Ku enables you to access specialist governance expertise from some of the leading governance operations professionals in the industry

Integrate Kube with your internal systems such as HR, tax, legal and finance solutions to drive efficiency

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Put your creativity to the test in our collaborative, design thinking led, workout environments

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