AI and boardroom technology

The impact on the company secretary


Artificial intelligence and new technologies are appearing in the boardroom. Governance professionals need to understand and get to grips with new technologies to support the board effectively.

So, what is the role of governance professionals in facilitating the use of these technologies? How can you help your board utilising the data and with it the process of decision making?

Join our webinar and take away new skills to help your board to harness technology and with it to enhance business performance and reduce potential inefficiencies.


Dr. Ansgar Koene, Senior Research Fellow, University of Nottingham & Global AI Ethics and Regulatory Leader, EY

Dr. Ansgar Koene is Global AI Ethics and Regulatory Leader at EY (Ernst & Young) where he contributes to the work on AI governance, trusted AI frameworks and AI related public policy engagement. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Horizon Digital Economy Research institute (University of Nottingham) where he contributes to the policy impact and public engagement activities of the institute and the ReEnTrust and UnBias projects.

Ansgar chairs the IEEE P7003 Standard for Algorithmic Bias Considerations working group, and participates in the IEEE standards, certification (ECPAIS) and the European Public Policy Committee for ICT. Other standards development work includes participation in the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC42 AI and the CEN-CENELEC Focus Group for AI.

He is a trustee for the 5Rgiths foundation for the Rights of Young People Online and is part of the 5Rights Digital Futures Committee.

Ansgar has a multi-disciplinary research background, having worked and published on topics ranging from Policy and Governance of Algorithmic Systems (AI), data-privacy, AI Ethics, AI Standards, bio-inspired Robotics, AI and Computational Neuroscience to experimental Human Behaviour/Perception studies. He holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Computational Neuroscience.

Laura Colclough, Senior Associate, Penningtons Law



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We’ll be hosting this webinar via Zoom

Price: Free

Date: 16 September 2021

Timing: 12:30 - 13:30 BST

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