Engaging with the chairman and CEO

The roles of the chairman and CEO are clearly defined. They should be reminded of this at every board meeting or at least have a discussion after or before a board meeting if they need reminding of rules.

governance professionals having a conversation

'The Chair and CEO should have one to one meetings with the company secretary frequently.'

'The chairman should have an open door policy as cosecs need access to the chair.'

'A chairman needs to be able to communicate early and effectively.'

'Every chairman has some good and bad qualities.
'A good chair: knows when to get board consensus; possesses ability to allow everyone to have a say; has a strong induction process for NEDS; has regular one to ones with CEO; and knows the business.
'A bad or weak chair: is easily manipulated; is antagonised on the wrong or irrelevant issues; is abrubt or opinionated on what they want; and is reliant on other staff such as CEO.'

'Mentoring, perhaps being involved with another (good) chair on another board and shadowing/learning from them could help a strengthen a bad chair.'

'Get a strong senior independent director to oversee and speak to the chair on a regular basis, if the chair is weak.'

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