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Decision-making principles for NHS clinical commissioning groups

The way the CCG is governed and the way in which decisions are made will depend on the details contained within the CCG’s constitution. While every CCG is legally required to have a governing body, audit committee and remuneration committee, there can be some variation between each CCG in the arrangements in place for setting strategy and performing the functions required of it.

‘…Organisations need to have a body which is responsible and accountable for ensuring the delivery of the organisation’s aims and objectives and must have in place a comprehensive set of structures that reflect the organisation’s roles and responsibilities.'

CCG GP member practices, governing body and committee members must:

  • act within their powers
  • make decisions, and act, in the best interests of the CCG, its patients and the community it serves
  • be appropriately informed of all relevant factors relating to a significant proposal under discussion
  • not be swayed by personal interests or factors that are irrelevant
  • be able to defend their decisions in terms of their legal duties and powers.

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