Health Service governance

Specimen statement of expectations of governors from an NHS foundation trust

Governors have a range of roles to fulfil incorporating legal, oversight and governance responsibilities. They have strategic stewardship responsibilities and are expected to act in the best interest of the NHS foundation trust. They represent the interests of NHS foundation trust members and hold the board of directors to account for the performance of the organisation. It is therefore essential that governors are fully aware of their legal duties, and of the values, vision and behaviours the Trust seeks to promote to staff, members, patients and the wider public. It is therefore, appropriate that a foundation trust should clearly state how it will support its governors to fulfil those expectations – both statutory and organisational.

This guidance note provides a specimen statement outlining what governors can expect from the Trust in the way it is treated, the information it receives and the support provided in order for the governor to fulfil his/her legal responsibilities and duties.

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