Managing and supporting employee wellbeing

Safeguarding the health wellbeing of your workforce has never been more important as government restrictions are lifted.


One of the most concerning fallouts of the global pandemic has been the impact on many businesses' daily operations and how this has affected employees. While the economy must pick up, there is a considerable responsibility on employers who depend on staff transitioning back to the workplace. They need to create a safe, healthy and equitable working environment. Getting staff back to work, staff resilience and mental health issues were listed as one of the biggest concerns by governance professionals this year.

As organisations continue to evaluate their future working models, those who intend to reopen when government restrictions are lifted will face additional challenges in terms of how best to support employee wellbeing, manage a hybrid workforce and address ethical implications with the COVID-19 vaccine.


Listen to:

  • Melissa Conway (ACIS), Company Secretary, Metro Bank (UK) share her own wellbeing journey (the good and the bad) and some of the initiatives her organisation has put in place.
  • Anthony Corriette FCIC, Company Secretary, BBC Studios Limited, talk about his personal resilience in managing his team remotely and share what the BBC is planning.
  • Jacqueline Dodd, Head of Resources at the Chartered Governance Institute highlight the challenges and opportunities employers are facing with the COVID-19 rollout.
  • Jo Skidmore, Governance Support Co-ordinator at the National Trust discuss how her organisation has adopted the Five Ways to Wellbeing’ framework supported by the NHS and MIND to help staff and volunteers. As well as discussing the importance of ‘being kind’, as the nation faces a significant rise in people dealing with mental health issues.
  • Others TBC

This virtual meeting was hosted by Peter Swabey, Policy & Research Director at The Chartered Governance Institute.

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