Health Service Governance - Examiner Webinar - May 2022

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If I answer the scenario Q and I make 4 good points and then one that's completely wrong, would you detract points?

Marks are not deducted for incorrect answers, so if you make a completely wrong point that would not lead to points being deducted.

The only thing to watch out for is if the wrong point you make contradicts a correct point that you have also made! If it did, it wouldn’t lead to marks being deducted but it could stop you from getting a mark if the marker questions your understanding.

The amount of people who passed last year was low. what was the common theme that failed so many?

Last year, there was a tendency to repeat information from the scenario without much analysis or judgment or links to the theory.

Remember the ‘what’ and ‘so what’ approach when you are writing your answers. Tell me the theory, then apply it to the scenario.

Depending on the nature of the question, either look out for the active verb (explain/describe/analyse etc.) or identify the product that you are being asked to provide (write a report, make recommendations etc.) and make sure you do that.

Understood that you have to answer all 5 Q's in Section A, makes sense - but what if you have no response for the 5th question and can't even attempt it an automatic fail?

No. The pass mark is 50% across the whole paper, so if you didn’t attempt a question then you wouldn’t fail just for that.

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