Policy for the Reduced Rate Countries Concession

The UK division of the Chartered Governance Institute offers a special fee rate to its members and students who are based in countries with lower income thresholds than the UK, where our headquarters are based.

This concession, known as the Reduced Rate, is designed to make our learning and membership services accessible to all current and aspiring governance professionals wherever they are domiciled and working.  

Reduced rates apply to:

  • Annual membership and membership upgrade fees
  • Student registration, subscription, examination and exemption fees for the Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme

This policy sets out the Institute’s criteria for identifying countries eligible for Reduced Rate fees.

Eligibility criteria

The World Bank Country Classifications (or Moody Ratings for jurisdictions with small populations where World Bank Country Classifications do not apply) are the baseline for the Institute’s assessment. The World Bank classifies countries into four groups: low income, low-middle income, upper-middle income and high-income categories.

The Institute makes Reduced Rate fees available to members and students in all countries that are classified as low income and low-middle income.

To determine whether Reduced Rate fees apply to countries in the upper-middle income countries, two other factors are considered:

  • the country’s GDP world ranking, and;
  • the average annual salary compared to the average annual salary in the UK.

If the country is ranked as having a GDP per capita position of 150 or lower, it will remain eligible for Reduced Rate fees. If its GDP per capita is ranked higher than 150, the average annual salary in relation to the UK average annual salary is also considered.

If the average salary in the country is lower than the UK, it qualifies for the Reduced Rate fees. If the average salary in the country is higher than the average salary in the UK, it will not be eligible for the Reduced Rate. 

Members and students living in countries that are classified as high income will pay the full fee rate.


In some jurisdictions classified as high income or upper-middle income countries, the GDP per capita figure does not reflect the economic reality of students who are typically on lower incomes until they qualify. In these instances, the Institute will set student fees at the Reduced Rate whilst membership fees are offered at full rate. 


The Institute’s membership and student fees are reviewed by its governing Committee each spring for the following membership year. The Institute’s membership year runs from 1st August to 31st July.

When the World Bank Classifications are updated in July, changes to individual country classifications are noted for consideration in the setting of the following year’s annual fees.  

The Institute’s Reduced Rate fees policy and application will be reviewed in full every three years.

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