Cranfield University: Female FTSE Board Report

Of interest to all involved in board recruitment

On 24 September, Cranfield University published the 2020 edition of its Female FTSE Board report, identifying ‘a positive picture in terms of the number of women on corporate boards. The percentage of women on FTSE 100 boards is 34.5% and the equivalent figure for FTSE 250 boards is 31.9%, so hopefully all FTSE 350 boards should hit the Hampton-Alexander target of 33% by the end of 2020. In total 324 women hold 355 FTSE 100 directorships. The percentage of female non-executive directors (NEDs) is at an all-time high of 40.8%, whilst the percentage of female executive directorships has risen slightly this year to 13.2%. There has been more progress recorded on the FTSE 250 boards, where the percentage of female NEDs is 37.6% and the percentage of female executive directors (EDs) is 11.3%. There is quite a lot of variance across boards indicating that only 63% FTSE 100 and 53% FTSE 250 have reached the target of 33% women in their boards.’

The full report makes interesting reading and can be found at:

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