Mindful exclusion research

Support sought from all members

Members will recall that, in December 2020, we asked you to take part in a survey as part of our research into governance professionals' perceptions of board effectiveness, diversity and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The results of this survey were then published in last year's Mindful Exclusion report, which was divided into three distinct parts:

  • Part I: Agenda focussed on exclusion in relation to what gets decided on - exploring which issues were or were not making it onto the agenda.
  • Part II: Dynamics focussed on how decisions are made - exploring the types of conversations that were or were not occurring as part of boardroom dynamics.
  • Part III: Composition focussed on who gets selected to make decisions - exploring which types of diversity were or were not being taken into account.

Now, more than a year on from the initial survey, we want to understand how the situation has changed and gain insight into future trends.  We have therefore prepared a new survey, which takes around 30 minutes to complete.  In addition to questions from the original survey, we have incorporated a number of new areas - such as stakeholder engagement, Chair / CEO behaviour, current levels of boardroom diversity, etc. - that will enable us to probe further on key findings from 2021. 

We would be grateful if you could find the time to complete this, as the more governance professionals who complete the survey, the more meaningful our findings will be.  Please feel free to pass the survey on to executive committee members, directors, and company secretaries at your company or in your network.

The link to take our survey can be found here.

At the end of the survey, please enter the code ‘CGI’ to enable us to identify whether governance professionals' views are materially different from those of directors and other ExCo members.

Results from this survey will be published at the conference in July and in Governance & Compliance magazine and should offer further meaningful insight into the impact of this challenging period on organisational governance.

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