All organisations are susceptible to financial crime at one level or another. This package of online courses aims to identify the methods you can use raise awareness throughout your organisation, what processes you can implement to mitigate risk, as well as cover the procedures and regulations that relate to financial crime. 

The Fighting Financial Crime training package consists of five individual courses:

  • Awareness Raising and Training of Staff
  • Corporate Strategy and Policy
  • Monitoring for Suspicious Activity
  • Reporting Requirements and Procedures
  • UK Counter-Terrorism Strategy and Legislation

CPD: 7 hours 

Full Programme

Awareness Raising and Training of Staff

  • Objectives of awareness raising & training
  • Statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Awareness raising and communication
  • Establishing, delivering and documenting a training strategy
  • The components of the strategy
  • Frequency of training
  • Monitoring and updating the overall strategy

Corporate Strategy and Policy

  • Good corporate governance – protecting reputation and profits
  • The FCA Handbook requirements
  • Taking an integrated approach to managing financial crime risks
  • Establishing an AML/CTF policy – the need for a policy
  • Establishing management information requirements
  • Compliance monitoring against policy and procedural standards
  • Security and confidentiality of MLRO data

Monitoring for Suspicious Activity

  • Recognising suspicious transactions and activity
  • The requirement for monitoring
  • Monitoring against sanctions lists
  • The monitoring techniques
  • Managing the output and recording the results
  • Cases to demonstrate the value of monitoring techniques
  • Monitoring for suspicion activity by legal professionals and accountants
  • SOCA alerts

Reporting Requirements and Procedures

  • UK legal requirements – summary
  • Knowledge, suspicion and reasonable grounds to suspect
  • Related non-AML/CTF reporting obligations
  • Reporting procedures – the overall challenge
  • The complexities of the consent regime
  • Managing client relationships post-disclosure

UK Counter-Terrorism Strategy and Legislation

  • What is terrorism?
  • UK strategy and approach – Machinery of Governance
  • UK Counter-Terrorism Legislation
  • Financial sanctions framework and legislation

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£100 +VAT (Non-members)
£90 +VAT (The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland members)
£60 +VAT (The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland students)

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