Founder and Lead Consultant at The Constant Group, an education governance consultancy

Emma Perkin has 20+ years' experience working in school governance, and currently works with multi-academy trusts and school groups to design bespoke governance models that will act as a foundation for future growth as Founder and Lead Consultant at The Constant Group. The Constant Group has worked with a range of clients from single academy trusts and small multi-academy trusts to a federation of eight primaries and Governor Services department at a leading Local Authority.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Emma worked as governance lead in standalone maintained schools and converter academies before becoming Head of Governance at Ark Schools. Emma lead the organisation to become a recognised leader in multi-academy trust governance, working directly with senior team and school leaders to set out a clear model of accountabilities, induction, training, reporting and communications. Emma is motivated by the belief that good governance can transform a school or school group, and provide vital support to school leaders.

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