What is Action Learning?

Action learning is a tried and tested peer learning technique in which a group of peers invest in time together and employ a process that: enables them to examine their actions or experience; use a structured process of reflection and analysis to explore it; and then develop a plan for what they want to do differently. The reporting back to the group (referred to as the ‘action learning set’) on the actions taken ensures that the learning comes from a continuous learning loop rather than a single cycle. The technique of action learning can be effectively applied to encourage the type of new thinking that enables individuals effectively consider pathways of career development.

How will the programme be delivered?

This blended learning programme will be delivered as a combination of six virtual and face-face sessions that will enable practitioners to create reflective space, use questioning from peers to generate innovative ideas and commit to pursuing actions to overcome professional problems or challenges in a cost-effective, safe and environmentally sustainable format. Virtual working can bring a breadth and depth to working groups and teams and has greater potential to gather colleagues with diverse backgrounds, experiences, knowledge, and perspectives.

What will participants gain from the programme?

Experienced action learning practitioners develop sharpened listening skills, the ability to reflect more deeply, develop greater insight and the opportunity to hone leadership skills which are so important for today’s complex working environment. This provides a highly cost-effective process for continuing leadership and management development and creating self-managed learning.

When you register for this programme there will be six days of training that you will be expected to participate in, one full day and 5x half days which could be face-to-face or virtual depending on group preference:

  • 20 April 2023 (Full Day) face-to-face
  • 1 June 2023 (Half day) face-to-face or virtual
  • 11 July 2023 (Half day) face-to-face or virtual
  • 7 Sept 2023 (Half day) face-to-face or virtual
  • 19 Oct 2023 (Half day) face-to-face or virtual
  • 30 Nov 2023 (Half day) face-to-face or virtual

Learning Outcomes

In summary, action learning offers participants:

  • An opportunity to develop new ideas; new ways of thinking and doing
  • Practise in asking open and insightful questions and developing active listening skills
  • A safe and totally confidential environment to support and challenge peers
  • An opportunity to solve real work problems Creative exploration of changes needed
  • A place to test assumptions and learn from good practice elsewhere
  • Insight into how others problem-solve and achieve different outcomes
  • Development of reflective learning and critical thinking skills
  • Structured and productive time away from immediate work demands

6 session course

£1850 +VAT (Non-members)
£1665 +VAT (Professional subscribers)
£1480 +VAT (CGIUKI Members)
£925 +VAT (CGIUKI students)

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