Corporate governance

Governance is a system that provides a framework for managing organisations. It identifies who can make decisions, who has the authority to act on behalf of the organisation and who is accountable for how an organisation and its people behave and perform.

Governance enables the management team and the board to run organisations legally, ethically, sustainably, and successfully, for the benefit of stakeholders, including shareholders, staff, clients and customers, and for the good of wider society.

Introduction to Corporate Governance

What exactly is corporate governance? Why is it important? Who is responsible and what do they do?

This course introduces corporate governance in the UK. Designed for those with no prior knowledge, it covers the law, regulation, the boardroom, shareholders and more.

What will you learn?

By the end of the course you will understand how to:

  • The key concepts and principles of UK corporate governance
  • Who is responsible for governance within a company
  • What's happening in the boardroom: who they are, what they do
  • The relationship between governance, corporate values and ethics
  • The role of shareholders and other stakeholders
  • How to apply this knowledge to your organisation

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Essential Corporate Governance

This course leads on from our ‘Introduction to Corporate Governance’ course and looks in more detail at the role of boards in delivering good governance, the regulatory landscape and key responsibilities for directors. The course is aimed at junior company secretarial and compliance staff, lawyers, accountants and related professionals.

The programme blends detailed technical information with practical guidance on compliance and best practice. A basic understanding of boards and corporate governance is assumed.

What will you learn?

By the end of the course you will understand:

  • The Corporate Governance Code, and its development in the UK
  • Key themes in regulation effecting corporate governance
  • The evolving role of the board
  • The role of directors in setting good corporate behaviour
  • Current challenges for companies around corporate reporting
  • Why boards must engage with issues around diversity, transparency and succession planning

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Governance in Unlisted and Private Companies

Good governance is not just about ticking boxes. It can deliver very significant value for any business. Better management leads to lower costs, higher productivity, access to capital and more.

This course uses real-world examples to show how companies have invested in governance.  We examine the challenges faced by unlisted businesses and how to turn them to our advantage.

This course is perfect for anyone undertaking (or promoting) compliance or governance in a private or unlisted business.

What will you learn?

By the end of the day you will understand how to:

  • Overcome the barriers to good governance
  • Increase the value of your business
  • Improve access to external finance
  • Reduce the cost of capital
  • Improve performance and reduce risk
  • How real-world companies have grown through governance

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