Leadership development coaching

Transform your performance from excellent to outstanding with the Governance Leadership Programme, an executive development programme designed to equip you with fresh strategic insights and practical ideas for enabling governance in the boardroom and the business.

Built around the concept of Situational Intelligence, and currently delivered through personal coaching sessions, participants leave with the passion, enthusiasm, insights and strategies to achieve their objectives.

Influencing Skills

The roles of governance professionals and company secretaries are changing. Today’s professionals need to recognise the factors driving their business performance agenda; to understand board dynamics and influence boardroom behaviour; to identify and manage stakeholder relationships and to deploy their unique strengths to address the challenges they face.

Key benefits of one-to-one coaching session

  • The opportunity to explore the board dynamics you observe in your own organisation.
  • Insights into how you can identify your stakeholders and decide how best to engage with and influence them in specific situations.
  • A conversation based on your strengths profile, that identifies your strengths and potential and discussed how best to deploy and develop your capability.

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Strategic Skills

As you build on your role as a technical expert, your contribution to the strategic thinking of your organisation becomes critical. Understanding your strategic context and how to ensure that your board considers governance at all stages of the strategic process, will enable you to contribute effectively and provide additional value as a company secretary or governance professional.

Key benefits of one-to-one coaching session

  • The opportunity to explore your own organisational situation and decide how best to enable governance.
  • Insights into how you can support your board in developing a robust strategic process.
  • Insights into how you can contribute at each stage of your organisation’s strategic journey.
  • Strategic analysis – Understanding how to enable your board to ask the right strategic questions and positioning your expertise in the strategic context.
  • Strategic analysis – the governance professional and company secretary as an expert.
  • Strategy formulation – Understanding how governance professionals and company secretaries act as a conscience when choices are made.
  • Making strategy happen – Understanding how governance professional and company secretaries act as enablers of strategy implementation.

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Leadership Skills

Leadership is a 360-degree activity that takes place across geographic, generational and gender boundaries and involves building and sustaining relationships with a complex web of stakeholders. You will explore the many ways in which company secretaries and governance professionals lead in their organisations. Understanding your strengths, styles, reputation and personal brand provides a foundation for developing your leadership approach.

Key benefits of one-to-one coaching session

  • The opportunity to identify the specific leadership situations you face and the relationship between management and leadership.
  • Insights into your strengths as a leader and an understanding of how to deploy them to inspire those you lead.
  • A conversation based on the leadership styles you use and your current and desired reputation.

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Bespoke training

If you would like to arrange tailored training for your organisation or group, the Institute can help.

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