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Claire Bodanis

Claire is one of the UK’s leading authorities on corporate reporting, and the founder and director of Falcon Windsor, a specialist corporate communications and reporting agency.

Claire came to corporate reporting by way of four years at Cambridge, editing mediaeval texts and honing a love of language and a knack for translating incomprehensible jargon into modern, clear English – the perfect foundation for helping UK plc communicate well with words.

With time served at two of London’s largest corporate reporting agencies, Claire founded Falcon Windsor in 2004 and now works with some of the UK’s best known companies to deliver thoughtful, creatively excellent and meticulously accurate corporate communications.

Claire is the co-author of three books with The Dark Angels Collective – the world’s first collective novel, Keeping Mum, published in 2014; Established – Lessons from the World’s Oldest Companies, published in 2018; and On Writing, to which she contributed a chapter on corporate reporting, published in 2019. She is an Associate Partner of Dark Angels, a global network of trainers and writers whose philosophy is that business writing should be more human.

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Trust me, I'm listed: Why the annual report matters, and how to do it well, 2021 edition

Trust me, I'm listed: Why the annual report matters, and how to do it well, 2021 edition

Author: Claire Bodanis
Price: £49.95 | October 2021
ISBN: 9781860728327

'Trust me, I’m listed' is every UK plc reporting practitioner's essential guide to corporate reporting - why we do it, who it's for, and how to do it well with minimum stress.

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