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Chris Priestley

Chris Priestley is a partner at Withers LLP where he specialises in advising on company and commercial matters for domestic and international charities. His practice encompasses a wide variety of constitutional and restructuring work for charities (including mergers) and the preparation and negotiation of commercial arrangements (including contracts with public bodies).

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Charity Trustee's Guide, 4th edition

Charity Trustee's Guide, 4th edition

Author: Chris Priestley
Price: £29.95 | October 2021
ISBN: 9781860724909

This book provides quick and easy access to essential information on charities regulation and best practice including trustee recruitment and responsibilities, governance, board structure and functions, financial issues (including fundraising) and trustee-staff relations. The aim of the book is to support trustees of small- to medium-sized charities and covers the key aspects of the trustee function that are common to the majority of trustees.

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