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Charity Marketing: Delivering income, services and campaigns

Author: Ian Bruce

Published: May 2011 | ISBN: 9781860724596

Charity Marketing
 is well-established as the market leading guide to developing successful services, campaigns and fundraisers, using tried and tested marketing techniques.

The book is perfect for managers, boards, staff and volunteers working at every level, in all types and sizes of organisations. It explains how using marketing principles to underpin every aspect of activity can transform not-for-profit organisations to meet, need and achieve their objectives. Importantly it describes how commercial marketing concepts and theory, adapted to suit not-for-profit organisations, have a fundamental contribution to make to the quality, design and features of services as well as fundraising and campaigning.

  • Successfully blends marketing theory with practical experience
  • Bursting with real life examples
  • End of chapter key points provide a quick reference summary


Part 1 - The Philosophy, Framework and Tools

   1. Why is charity marketing so important
   2. Classical commercial marketing
   3. Fundamentals of a charity maerketing approach
   4. The charity marketing mix
   5. How to intorduce a marketing approach

Part 2 - Applied Charity Marketing

   6. Physical goods
   7. Services to beneficiaries
   8. Pressure group activity
   9. Income and fundraising
  10. Identity/brand and positioning

Part 3 - Key Marketing Approaches for Charities

  11. Relationship marketing
  12. Partnership marketing
  13. e-marketing: changes the rules?
  14. Marketing: the way forward

Appendix 1: John Hopkins' structural operational definition of the broad voluntary sector

Appendix 2: Office of National Statistics' definition of general charities within the UK voluntary sector 


‘Ian Bruce is not just an academic, he knows it because he has done it, and he
knows how to write it.’
Sir Stuart Etherington, CEO, National Council for Voluntary Organisations

‘This book is enormously valuable for all charities, especially small ones where
volunteers as well as staff have to become master of all trades.’
Cath Lee, CE, Small Charities Coalition

‘Ian Bruce’s work has been vital in introducing marketing into the British
non-profit scene.’
Professor Philip Kotler, North Western University

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