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Certificate in Academy Governance

Author: Katie Paxton-Doggett

Published: September 2018 | ISBN: 9781860727276

Please note, the nominated study resources for the June 2021 Certificate in Academy Governance exam session can be found in your MyCG in PDF format. This is a previous edition published in September 2018. We will not be updating the paperback edition. 

This study text covers the legal and regulatory frameworks required for academies and explores the governance structures available to them. It includes the roles of responsibilities of boards and committees, with an in-depth look at the roles of clerks and company secretaries.

This guide will help you to identify and manage risks; comply with charity and company law; understand sources of income for academies and explains the proper application and management of funds.


1. Introduction to governance and the academies landscape
2. Legislation and regulation
3. Governance structures
4. Roles and responsibilities
5. The clerk and the company secretary
6. Meetings and decision making
7. Risk management
8. Compliance and policies
9. Information management
10. Performance management and reviews
11. Funding
12. Financial management

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