The company secretary as changemaker series

Chapter 1: Technology


"We are on the cusp of a fundamental change, a worldwide change in the skills everyone needs to succeed, in the nature of organisations, and in how businesses must be led"

Bill Drayton, Social Entrepreneur

Rapid change in technology and regulation means that the role of the company secretary continues to evolve in breadth, scope and value.

In the first part of the changemaker series our expert panel shared their perspectives on the opportunities that rapid change in technology creates for governance professionals and how they can redefine and develop their working style to become agents of change in their organisations.

This event was sponsored by technology experts and Blockchain specialists, Cygnetise, and gathered a group of governance practitioners and tech thought leaders which included:

  • Damian Bell, Business Development Manager, Cygnetise
  • Karina Bye, UK Insurance Company Secretary, Aviva
  • Andrew Kakabadse, Professor of Governance and Leadership, Henley Business School
  • Theodore Spyrou, Associate Director, Ashridge Associates

Chaired by Chris Hodge, Policy Advisor at ICSA, the event looked at the future of governance and discussed what this new world could look like: 

  • How is the co-sec role evolving?
  • What opportunities will technology bring to those in the profession? 
  • What mindset should governance professionals adopt to benefit from what the future holds?

Next chapter

Our next session will focus on leadership skills development and the date will be published very soon. Please stay tuned for updates or get in touch with our Events team to join our guest list.  

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