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  • Five employee rights you need to know

    • 01 Sep 2021
    • Hubert Day, Freelance Content Producer and Researcher
    If you are classed as an employee (i.e. if your work is supervised by a manager, you can’t refuse to do it, it is consistently available, and you a...
  • Case Study: Madeleine Scrafton FCG

    • 02 Aug 2021
    • Madeleine Scrafton, Managing Director, Computershare Governance Services UK
    Maddie Scrafton, FCG, recently joined Computershare as Managing Director for UK Governance Services, where she leads a team of governance professio...
  • Discover Governance: A company secretary perspective

    • 29 Jul 2020
    Last month, we hosted a webinar on how you can use your law or business degree to start your career in governance. If you missed the webinar, you c...