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  • Case Study: Nick Lindsay ACG

    • 10 Feb 2023
    • Nick Lindsay ACG, Director at Elemental CoSec
    Meet Nick Lindsay ACG as he tells us what its like to be a Director at Elemental CoSec. Nick is the founder of Elemental, the CGIUKI’s service prov...
  • Case Study: Tobias Latham FCG

    • 10 Feb 2023
    • Tobias Latham FCG, Director at Elemental CoSec
    Tobias is a director at Elemental, the CGIUKI’s service provider of the year 2021. He is dual-qualified, having trained and qualified as a solicito...
  • Case Study: Grace Parsons-Hann ACG

    • 10 Feb 2023
    • Grace Parsons-Hann, Head of Governance at KPMG
    Meet Grace Parsons-Hann as she tells us what its like to work as Head of Governance at KPMG UK Grace describes herself as a keen fitness enthusiast...
  • Award winner interview: Nicola Carroll

    • 17 Jan 2023
    • Holly Benson, Editor of Governance and Compliance
    “I love pushing the boundaries and driving innovation and change.” As the joint winner of the 2021 CGIUKI Award for Governance Professional of the ...
  • Award winner interview: easyJet

    • 17 Jan 2023
    • Holly Benson, Editor of Governance and Compliance
    Having overcome myriad challenges during 2020, the company secretarial team at easyJet are deserving winners of the 2021 CGIUKI Team of the Year Aw...
  • Award winner interview: Robert Lyons

    • 17 Jan 2023
    • Jonathan Samuel, Account Manager, The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland
    “The nomination underscored the fact that Robert is a leader, not a follower, enabling and empowering others to develop their potential” In this in...
  • Enough is enough

    • 17 Jan 2023
    • Kim Adele Randall, Board Adviser, Leadership and Business Expert and Speaker, Authentic Achievements
    Imposter syndrome can hold us back from reaching our full potential. With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing even more people suffe...
  • Time for an upgrade

    • 17 Jan 2023
    • Nisreen Hamad, Membership Journey Team Lead, CGIUKI
    Upgrading your membership to become an Associate or a Fellow is easier than you might think and could unlock the next step in your career It is tim...
  • Productivity paranoia

    • 17 Jan 2023
    • Gemma Dale, Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University
    The mismatch between manager and employee perceptions of productivity when working from home could threaten the viability of hybrid working. The id...
  • Support system

    • 17 Jan 2023
    • Michael Ruiter, Organisational Strategy Consultant, Mpact
    Wellbeing policies that function only as a safety net are not sufficient for organisations that want to build a culture of caring for the people th...
  • Building your governance career

    • 17 Jan 2023
    • Holly Benson, Editor of Governance and Compliance
    Developing a reputation as a trusted advisor is crucial to becoming an effective governance professional. On 17 October, we were delighted to launc...
  • Get involved

    • 17 Jan 2023
    • Lesley Ward FCG, Branch Liaison and Mentoring Manager at CGIUKI
    The Institute has a vibrant branch network! You will find CGI branches across the UK regions and, the Crown Dependencies, plus Ireland, the Caribbe...
  • Case Study: Laura Southern

    • 17 Jan 2023
    • Laura Southern, Member of the secretariat at Northern Powergrid
    In the first of our series celebrating student awards winners, we speak to Laura Southern. Laura won our student award for obtaining a distinction,...
  • Potential barriers to employment for disabled people and how they can be overcome

    • 17 Jan 2023
    • Heather Murphy, Content Producer, and Researcher
    What are the barriers to employment for disabled people, and what can be done about it? We take a look.
  • How can you make sure that you're considering senior citizens in the office culture?

    • 17 Jan 2023
    • Heather Murphy, Content Producer, and Researcher
    There is very little point in having work perks and policies if they don’t represent what your workforce needs.
  • Transferable skills can take you anywhere

    • 17 Jan 2023
    • Helen Baker
    Helen Baker discusses her alternative pathway into governance and why transferable skills are so important for the governance professional
  • Investor Activism Boom in the UK

    • 07 Feb 2022
    • Mariza Dimaki, Recruitment Partner
    Although not a new concept, shareholder activism has been prominent in the news - and likely in UK Boardrooms – in recent weeks and months. A combi...
  • The Madness of 2021 and what to Expect in 2022!

    • 12 Jan 2022
    • Poppy Taylor & Connor Simms, DMJ Recruitment
    The new year is a fantastic time to not only reflect on the previous year but an appropriate time to look forward as well. Two of our leading Gover...
  • Case Study: Owen Balmont ACG

    • 04 Jan 2022
    • Owen Balmont ACG, Company Secretarial Assistant, Saga plc
    Owen enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and getting involved in new and challenging projects. He began a career in environmental management...
  • The Unsung Hero of the Governance Function

    • 07 Dec 2021
    • Zaryna Pirverdi, DMJ Recruitment
    In recent years much has been said about how governance teams have evolved into commercially orientated, strategically aligned function that adds v...