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  • Investor Activism Boom in the UK

    • 07 Feb 2022
    • Mariza Dimaki, Recruitment Partner
    Although not a new concept, shareholder activism has been prominent in the news - and likely in UK Boardrooms – in recent weeks and months. A combi...
  • The Madness of 2021 and what to Expect in 2022!

    • 12 Jan 2022
    • Poppy Taylor & Connor Simms, DMJ Recruitment
    The new year is a fantastic time to not only reflect on the previous year but an appropriate time to look forward as well. Two of our leading Gover...
  • Case Study: Owen Balmont ACG

    • 04 Jan 2022
    • Owen Balmont ACG, Company Secretarial Assistant, Saga plc
    Owen enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and getting involved in new and challenging projects. He began a career in environmental management...
  • The Unsung Hero of the Governance Function

    • 07 Dec 2021
    • Zaryna Pirverdi, DMJ Recruitment
    In recent years much has been said about how governance teams have evolved into commercially orientated, strategically aligned function that adds v...
  • Case Study: Rory Herbert ACG

    • 01 Dec 2021
    • Rory Herbert ACG, Company Secretarial Assistant, The Go-Ahead Group
    Having completed a Master’s degree in Corporate Governance and Law at the end of 2019, Rory is now training to be a qualified governance profession...
  • Governance Market Update - Q4 2021

    • 23 Nov 2021
    • David Press, Managing Director, DMJ Recruitment
    As we fast approach the festive period, we can begin to reflect what has been a remarkable year for the company secretarial market. Recruitment lev...
  • Case Study: Lauren Osman CG (Affiliated)

    • 18 Nov 2021
    • Lauren Osman CG (Affiliated), Transformation & Compliance Manager, Avenues Group
    Meet Lauren Osman, shortlisted nominee for our Company Secretary of the Year 2021 Awards, as she tells us what it's like to work as a Transformatio...
  • Case Study: Princess Ojiego GradCG

    • 01 Nov 2021
    • Princess Ojiego GradCG, Corporate Governance Trainee at MHS Homes
    Princess is an experienced paralegal who has completed an LLM in Corporate Governance and Law, acting as the course representative for the Universi...
  • Modern slavery: The hidden in plain sight

    • 16 Oct 2021
    • Boglarka Radi ACG
    In this article Boglarka Radi discusses modern slavery and it's importance within an ESG framework Modern slavery in business supply chains often c...
  • Case Study: Joanne Munis ACG

    • 01 Oct 2021
    • Joanne Munis ACG, Company Secretary & Compliance Officer at Statkraft
    Joanne has ten years’ experience as a corporate governance and compliance professional, predominantly in private sector roles at global organisatio...
  • Case Study: Tesse Akpeki FCG

    • 16 Sep 2021
    • Tesse Akpeki FCG, Consultant and strategist
    Tesse works with organisations and individuals to strengthen their health and enhance their impact. As an entrepreneur, she runs a boutique service...
  • Case Study: Gireeja Bhoobun GradCG

    • 01 Sep 2021
    • Gireeja Bhoobun, Senior Associate, Apex Group Ltd
    Gireeja was born and raised in Mauritius. Inspired by both of her parents working and studying at the same time, while handling the household, she ...
  • Five employee rights you need to know

    • 01 Sep 2021
    • Hubert Day, Freelance Content Producer and Researcher
    If you are classed as an employee (i.e. if your work is supervised by a manager, you can’t refuse to do it, it is consistently available, and you a...
  • Case Study: Sammy Edris

    • 18 Aug 2021
    • Sammy Edris, Senior Associate at PwC
    Sammy didn’t grow up with an interest in being a company secretary. In fact, he didn’t know anything about the career or what the role entailed. Th...
  • Case Study: Madeleine Scrafton FCG

    • 02 Aug 2021
    • Madeleine Scrafton, Managing Director, Computershare Governance Services UK
    Maddie Scrafton, FCG, recently joined Computershare as Managing Director for UK Governance Services, where she leads a team of governance professio...
  • Discover Governance: A company secretary perspective

    • 29 Jul 2020
    Last month, we hosted a webinar on how you can use your law or business degree to start your career in governance. If you missed the webinar, you c...