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Creating a culture of integrity

23 January 2015

Navex creating a culture of integrity

Ethical Intelligence is a partnership between Governance + Compliance magazine and NAVEX Global to promote ethical awareness and behaviour within UK companies.


Ethical Intelligence is a partnership between Governance + Compliance magazine and NAVEX Global to promote ethical awareness and behaviour within UK companies. We believe that building and maintaining public trust requires a culture of integrity throughout the organisation, its subsidiaries and supply chain.

We hope to fire the debate on how ethical behaviour can be measured, assessed and developed and why this is good for business.

The programme opened with a series of features in Governance + Compliance magazine: Shaping the future; Creating a culture of integrity; and A force for good. We carried this through the summer with a series of polls on our website to gather your opinions and experience.

These themes set the agenda for our event held in September where governance professionals came together to debate how these ideas can translate into good practice. The outcomes of these discussions formed the basis for the content below on how to create, embed, develop and monitor an ethical strategy.

You said

Encourage ethical leadership

‘My organisation promotes ethical behaviour but it doesn't always take priority’. Read more...

Achieve a trusted speak-up culture

‘A good induction should reinforce policies and values’.

Create a culture of integrity

‘Tick box policies do not change culture’.

Business as a force for good

‘If companies treat customers badly it sets the precedent for other values and relationships’. Read more...


Shaping the future – Read more

Sponsored feature: Shaping the future

The seven steps to creating a culture of ethics, integrity and compliance in your organisation. Read more...

Creating a culture of integrity – read more

Creating a culture of integrity

Experts in the field of compliance to share their views on the seven steps to embedding integrity in an organisation's culture. Read more...

A force for good – Read more

A force for good

Our experts discuss how to engage those within your organisation to create a culture of integrity. Read more...


The enforcement of UK financial crimes in the future

The legal and compliance landscape in the UK is changing quickly — it is up to organisations to strengthen their compliance programmes to meet these new challenges. Read more...

Compliance trends across the EU and beyond [Webinar]

Through the real-world case studies from BAE Systems, IMI PLC, and Serco, you will learn how to advance the trust agenda and maintain programme momentum. Read more...

The definitive guide to policy management

Organisations that approach policy management strategically yield massive returns in organisational alignment, corporate culture, and ultimately their bottom-line results - something this guide addresses. Read more...

Benchmarking your hotline toolkit

This toolkit will help you learn from the hotline report data in your incident management system, assess your organisational culture, and improve your compliance programme. Read more...

A holistic approach to global anti-corruption compliance

In this whitepaper, Michael Volkov, CEO and owner of the Volkov Law Group shares best practices for building an effective anti-corruption compliance programme. Read more...

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