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Welcome to the Scotland Branch

The Scotland Branch is a networking group for the business community in Scotland. It is run by Chartered Secretaries, the Insitute's students and other qualified individuals with strong links to the business community.

Our primary aim is to promote continuing professional development by hosting talks and seminars, organising site visits, directing students and the business community via email to other related events in their area and providing support for the Institute's students. By engaging in these activities we are able to:

  • Encourage the Institute's students
  • Raise the profile of the company secretary
  • Promote good relationships with other professional groups
  • Provide a regular forum for discussion and debate
  • Encourage good business and working practices
  • Promote strategic commercial awareness

If you are not on our mailing list and would like to join the mailing list or be involved in the organising committee, you are welcome to contact us.

Contact the Scotland Branch

For membership and study enquiries please contact the student and membership team:

For branch support and event queries please contact the branch support team

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