Tom Morrison Essay Prize

Tom Morrison Essay Prize

Enter The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland's Tom Morrison Essay Prize which has been rewarding original thinking about key aspects of governance since 2016



Tom was an early supporter of the unique work of ShareGift, the share donation charity, which instigated the Tom Morrison Essay Prize and made an initial donation to The Chartered Secretaries’ Charitable Trust in order to establish it and fund the prizes.


Tom was a much loved employee of Computershare, which has hosted a dinner for the winners of the Tom Morrison Essay Prize for the past few years. Tom joined Computershare in 1998 when Computershare acquired the Royal Bank of Scotland Registrars business. Recognised for his major contribution to making the acquisition a success and, as Chief Registrar, for being a senior steward in leading the UK share registration business forward, Tom is widely remembered for his significant contributions to the development of the UK securities industry.

Acknowledged to be one of the "fathers of CREST", for his efforts to guide and assist the development and successful introduction of the CREST settlement system, Tom also helped shape industry policy and UK corporate law. In 2012 Tom was given an Outstanding Achievement Award by The Institute to a standing ovation.

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