Governance 2021: The next chapter - Recap

We were honored to host an amazing gathering of speakers and panelists at our Governance 2021: The Next Chapter Conference. Here you will find recordings and slideshow presentations from many of the sessions held over the 3 day period.

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Keynote: The state of Britain in 2021

Ben Page addressed the challenges facing business and society and what we can do about them.

Ben Page, CEO, Ipsos Mori

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The new top 10 of risks

The past 18 months have opened many organisations’ eyes to risks that were previously hidden or dismissed as unlikely – be they contractual or reputational risks, supply chain issues or employee mental health, to name but a few. In this session, we explore the top ten emerging risks for 2021 and reflect upon how organisations need to adapt over the next two years.

Anita Punwani, Deputy Chair - Global Board, Institute of Risk Management and UK Expert Governance, International Organisation for Standardisation

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Is your board ready to embrace Artificial Intelligence?

AI, automation and algorithmic decision-making are being increasingly used by companies to support better decisions, reduce inefficiencies and enhance business performance. In a fast-evolving regulatory landscape with AI, boards need to review their risk strategies to cater for the new challenges. This session discusses how organisations can safeguard themselves from reputation and financial risks and harness the opportunities that AI and big data can deliver.

Workshop - agile leadership new skills for a new era?

What new capabilities do leaders need as we move into a new era? After the problems of the last year especially, to build and lead an agile organisation, leaders must develop new mind-sets and capabilities to transform themselves, their teams and the organisation itself. So, what are those new abilities? Why are they going to be indispensable going forward? Crucially – how do you become an agile leader?

Pia-Maria Thorén, Inspiration Director and Agile People Coach

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A matter of principles: effective board evaluation

In January, The Chartered Governance Institute published a report commissioned by BEIS, reviewing the effectiveness of independent board evaluation. This session discusses the principles of good practice for listed companies using external board reviewers, and our experts provide guidance on reporting on board performance annual review and how to achieve greater transparency for the benefit of the organisation.

Chris Hodge, Director, Governance Perspective Ltd

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Workshop: developing toughness and resilience

Over the past year we have all needed a bit more fortitude in this new working environment. Distressing psychological events are a part of life, but they can be a means for people to find growth, to develop new strengths and build the resilience to survive in the face of adversity. In this session, we use the experiences of the last year to explore resilience in an otherwise hostile environment.

Lorna Lawless, Master trainer and Director, AQR International

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Building a more agile economy, Closing keynote & Summary

In March, the Government announced a review led by Lord Hill into measures to encourage equity listings and public offers in the UK – a move ministers hope will contribute towards building a more agile economy. It is hoped reforms will attract the most innovative and successful firms, and help companies access the finance they need to grow. But what does it all mean from a governance perspective?

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Closing Keynote: Government's priorities

Eoin Parker, Director of Business Framework, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

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Conference opens, Keynote Address and Audit reform: shaping companies' future

March saw publication of a Government white paper, Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance, the latest step in its response to the findings of the Brydon and Kingman reports on the audit market in the UK. In this session, we look at what’s proposed for directors, audit firms and shareholders alike, we consider the expanded role of the new regulator, the Audit, Reporting and Governance Authority (ARGA), and reflect upon the challenges ahead.

Top tips for the coming reporting season

Covid-19 has left nothing untouched, and reporting is no exception. What’s changing in the regulatory landscape? What’s the latest from global efforts to create a single set of ESG standards? What are investors and other stakeholders looking for? And how do we factor all this into next year’s reporting? Our professionals share their experiences of reporting through covid and what they’ll be taking into next year’s reporting and beyond.

ESG and the governance of climate change

This session is a conversation with Alexander Stafford, Conservative MP and Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Environmental and Social Governance. He is a champion for growing the understanding, assessment and implementation of ESG. Alex is also a member of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee and prior to becoming an MP worked for the World Wildlife Fund and Shell.

The twelve elements of independent judgement

Exercising independent judgment is a skill, and one that is rarely straightforward. It’s a truism that in many organisations governance professionals and board members are the linchpin of independent judgment, drawing upon a range of knowledge, experience and personal qualities to make effective decisions. But what does good judgement even look like, and how can you improve your own?

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Cybersecurity in the virtual boardroom

* This session was not recorded

In this session, we explore the board’s oversight of data privacy, focusing particularly on strategy and reputational risks. Issues around privacy and effective cybersecurity should be managed together, and in this session our speakers look at how to manage privacy through new operational and organisational approaches.

Hannah H, Support to Boards Team, Economy & Society Engagement, NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre)

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Driving globalisation centrally with strategic entity management and compliance practices

Where once the responsibilities of entity governance would be left to a local controller, the tide is now turning, as increasingly organisations are managing their obligations centrally. By centralising corporate information, organisations not only can ensure accuracy of compliance and cross-team collaboration, they can also enable governance teams to spot and influence company-wide decisions on such things as where to dissolve or create entities.

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A stake in success - re-imagining employee share ownership

A recent report from the Social Market Foundation sets out the case for an expansion of employee share ownership in the UK, and for share ownership to form a key part of a “fair and strong economic recovery” narrative as we emerge from crisis. Indeed, says the report, the case for wider rates of employee share ownership is compelling. We look at the report findings and discuss what they mean.

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Keynote: Mapping your journey to success - How to lead in disruptive and turbulent times

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The emerging boardroom ethics

As the pandemic has continued, organisations of all stripes have found themselves having to adapt a new environment, one in which physical premises are shut, people work remotely, and the temptation for misbehaviour is great. So, what does it mean to be an ethical organisation in the post-pandemic world? Are new attitudes towards ethical matters emerging – and if so, what do those look like?

Dr Ian Peters MBE, Director, Institute of Business Ethics

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Thought leadership: How to transform governance for your organisation

Significant shifts in legislation, business environment and organisational wide transformation, mean that governance functions are having to adapt and change in order to respond to the new demands made of their stakeholders. In this session, our speakers discuss how to successfully transform a company’s governance infrastructure to enable a business to respond to the challenges faced by strategic, legislative and cultural change.

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D&O insurance in the wake of COVID-19

In a post pandemic landscape, the risks associated with directors and officers (D&O) liability have been thrown into sharp relief and it has become increasingly hard for organisations to secure adequate cover. Questions about how top teams are fulfilling their fiduciary and other duties, about the accuracy of disclosures in such a fluid environment, and reputational risks from the pandemic itself have all raised the stakes. We look at the challenges organisations are facing on this front.

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Fighting fit, Next gen boardroom & Close

Fighting fit: what next for the UK corporate governance code?

In May 2021, the Financial Reporting Council released its latest revision to the UK Corporate Governance Code. In this session, we hear from the regulator who will address the Code’s principle of forging strong relationships with key stakeholders. They focus on the issue of workforce engagement, a relatively rare but increasingly used practice in the UK.

The next generation boardroom

Building diversity into succession planning in the boardroom is increasingly seen as being “mission critical”. And yet, the same pitfalls, the same biases are seen again and again. How can boards really make a difference and bring more women, LGBT and BAME people into top roles? We hear the views of some who have made it to the top, the challenges they faced – and the impact they have made.

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Keynote, New values and culture

Keynote: Boosting socio-economic diversity at senior levels

I. Stephanie Boyce, President, The Law Society

New values and culture, fit for the next chapter!

Handled well, corporate purpose is one of the pillars of good governance, and many companies are responding to the 10 principles outlined in the UN global compact and transitioning to a new set of values. At the same time, the pandemic has brought many challenges which have driven companies to reassess their culture. In this session, we hear from two companies: one which set out to transform its corporate values, the another which reshaped its culture.

The effects of shareholder activism

Stakeholder activism is putting increasing pressure on organisations to phase out their support of fossil fuels. Last year’s shareholder action against a major high street bank was the first of its kind, but it won't be the last. As Cop 26 approaches, corporate action to tackle climate change is coming under scrutiny. We discuss where the conversations between businesses, their investors and activists are leading to.

Companies House transformation

Companies House is about to implement some of the most important changes since the register was created in 1844. More than just an exercise in tidying up the accuracy of their data, the aim is to act against the ‘abuse of personal information on the register, [and] the misuse of UK registered entities as vehicles for economic and other crime’. So what will the changes be, and how will they affect your organisation?

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Mental health: working in a hybrid world

In this session we explore the link between effective governance and the need for organisations to support employees in a hybrid or remote working environment. Is the board leading on mental health issues? Is it purely an HR matter or is it a consultant responsibility? How, as an organisation, do you provide stability and support to your employees and drive that from the very top?

How does exclusion happen in your boardroom?

The Institute and the Centre for Synchronous Leadership have collaborated on a ground-breaking report on mindful exclusion, following a study of over 300 governance professionals, directors and executive committee members. What issues don’t make it onto the board agenda? What information is not shared amongst colleagues? Which groups of people are not selected to join? And are these decisions guided by your organisations’ values, vision and strategic objectives or by mindless automated responses?

Committee structure, keynote and closing

Is your committees structure fit for the future?

As priorities change, boards are having to cope with greater scope and complexity than they were a decade ago. Much of that is due to heightened regulatory requirements, shifting investor expectations and transformative global changes. Are boards’ committee structures appropriate to meeting those expectations? Do boards familiar themselves with how their peers are addressing their oversight responsibilities? And how can board evaluations help address the issue?

Keynote: What the future holds

Dr Ayesha Khanna, Co-Founder and CEO, ADDO AI

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Closing address

Victoria Penrice, President, The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland

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  • Helen Baker

    Helen Baker Head of Secretariat

    Coca-Cola Europacific Partners plc

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  • Rob Baker

    Rob Baker Founder and Chief Positive Deviant

    Tailored Thinking

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  • João Barreiro

    João Barreiro Chief Privacy Officer (Global)


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  • Ivana Bartoletti

    Ivana Bartoletti Technical Director, Privacy


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  • Anna Bateson FCG, FloD

    Anna Bateson FCG, FloD Founder

    Cutting Through The Grey

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  • Chris Bird

    Chris Bird General Counsel and Company Secretary

    Wellcome Trust

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  • Claire Bodanis

    Claire Bodanis Founder and Director

    Falcon Windsor

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  • Stephanie Boyce

    I. Stephanie Boyce President

    The Law Society of England and Wales

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  • William Chalmers

    William Chalmers Executive Director, Interim Group Chief Executive, and Chief Financial Officer

    Lloyds Banking Group

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  • Clare Cole

    Clare Cole Director of Market Oversight

    Financial Conduct Authority

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  • Melissa Conway

    Melissa Conway Company Secretary

    Metro Bank

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  • Scott Corfe

    Scott Corfe Research Director

    Social Market Foundation

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  • Andrew Cosgrove

    Andrew Cosgrove Product Marketing Manager EMEA


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  • Dr Shaun Davis

    Dr Shaun Davis MA, MBA, MA, MSc, MA, LLM CDir, FIoD, CFIOSH, FCIPD, FIIRSM, FICA Global Director of Compliance & Sustainability (Safety, Health, Wellbeing, Corporate Security and Regulatory Compliance)

    Royal Mail Group

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  • Sara Drake

    Sara Drake Chief Executive

    The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland

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  • Alex Edmans

    Pr Alex Edmans Professor of Finance

    London Business School

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  • Sally Fairbairn

    Sally Fairbairn Company Secretary and Director of Investor Relations


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  • Clare Forestier

    Clare Forestier Event host, former radio and TV presenter

    Speak Up Event Hosting & Communications Training

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  • Simon Gardiner

    Simon Gardiner General Counsel and Company Secretary

    United Utilities

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  • Jane Gunn

    Jane Gunn International Mediator and Author

    The Barefoot Mediator

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  • Chris Hodge

    Chris Hodge Director

    Governance Perspectives Ltd

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  • Susan Hooper

    Susan Hooper Chair

    Care Sourcer

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  • Alison Horrocks

    Alison Horrocks Chief Corporate Affairs Officer and Company Secretary


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  • Catherine Howarth

    Catherine Howarth Chief Executive


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  • Dr. Ayesha Khanna Co-Founder and CEO


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  • Ansgar Koene

    Ansgar Koene Global AI Ethics and Regulatory Leader


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  • Lorna Lawless

    Lorna Lawless Coaching Psychologist

    Next Level Coaching

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  • Sir Andrew Likierman

    Sir Andrew Likierman Professor of Management Practice

    London Business School

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  • Fergus Lovatt

    Fergus Lovatt Client Executive


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  • Justine Lutterodt

    Justine Lutterodt Director

    Centre for Synchronous Leadership (CSL)

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  • Caroline Mair

    Caroline Mair Deputy Chief Executive Officer

    Veritas Investment

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  • David Mortimer

    David Mortimer Head of External Affairs

    The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland

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  • Ben Page

    Ben Page Chief Executive

    Ipsos MORI

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  • Eoin Parker

    Eoin Parker Director of Business Framework


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  • Matt Peacock

    Matt Peacock Partner


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  • Victoria Penrice

    Victoria Penrice President

    CGIUKI Committee

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  • Ian Peters

    Dr Ian Peters MBE, Director

    Institute of Business Ethics

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  • Anita Punwani

    Anita Punwani Deputy Chair

    Institute of Risk Management

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  •  Rachel Rees

    Rachel Rees President

    Governance Institute of Australia

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  •  Marcus Ryder

    Marcus Ryder Head of External Consultancies

    Sir Lenny Henry Centre for Media Diversity

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  •  Jabbar Sardar

    Jabbar Sardar Global HR director

    BBC Studios

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  • Dottie Schindlinger

    Dottie Schindlinger Executive Director

    Diligent Institute

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  • Connie Smith

    Connie Smith Managing Director

    Tricor Group

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  • Louise Smyth

    Louise Smyth Chief Executive and Registrar for England and Wales

    Companies House

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  • David Styles

    David Styles Director, Corporate Governance


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  • Peter Swabey FCG

    Peter Swabey FCG Policy & Research Director

    The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland

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  • Tania Tchedaeva

    Tania Tchedaeva Director, Corporate Governance & Company Secretary

    Polymetal International plc

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  • Sir Jon Thompson

    Sir Jonathan Thompson CEO

    Financial Reporting Council

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  • Pia-Maria Thorén

    Pia-Maria Thorén Coach, Inspiration Director, Keynote Speaker & Author

    Agile People

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  • William Wastell

    William Wastell Regional Sales Director


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  • Fabia Welch-Richards

    Fabia Welch-Richards Senior Manager


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  • Denise Wilson

    Denise Wilson OBE Chief Executive

    Hampton-Alexander Review

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  • Lorraine Clover

    Lorraine Clover Company Secretary


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  • James Johnston

    James Johnston Head of Management and Liability

    Aviva Insurance Limited

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  • Alexandra Walters

    Alexandra Walters Head of Policy

    Companies House

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  • David Styles

    David Styles Director, Corporate Governance


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  • Dr Roger Barker

    Dr Roger Barker Director of Policy and Governance

    Institute of Directors

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  • Sir Ian Cheshire

    Sir Ian Cheshire Non Executive Chairman

    Spire Healthcare

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  • Dr Laurence Lyons

    Dr Laurence Lyons Founder of ‘Metacorp’ and co-author of the Situational Intelligence Reference Model and the Motivational Risk Model.

    Henley Business School

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  • Lesley Ward

    Lesley Ward Mentoring Manager

    The Chartered Governance Institutue UK and Ireland

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  • Julia Crane

    Julia Crane Deputy Company Secretary

    Hammerson plc

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  • Hannah H

    Hannah H Support to Boards Team

    The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

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  • Alexander Stafford MP

    Alexander Stafford MP Chair of the Uk's All Party Parlimentary Group on Environment , social and governance

    UK Parliament

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