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Diversity & Inclusion Initiative of the Year

In recent years, it’s become more apparent than ever that having an effective plan for diversity and inclusion in the workplace is not just a 'nice to have' – it’s essential. And for many organisations, really moving the dial on diversity is a significant piece of work in itself.

This award recognises those initiatives which are designed to boost diversity and inclusion around the organisation, that aren’t simply “business as usual”. They will be participative and collaborative, and will draw upon input from customers, investors and other stakeholders. They will have been designed to achieve a set of clearly articulated goals, underpinned by appropriate measures of success. And they will be of demonstrable benefit for the organisation, its employees, customers and other stakeholders.

The judges are looking not just for a positive story but for evidence that the work has enjoyed support at the highest levels, and that the learning has been shared across the organisation. Nominees can be individuals or teams in any sector.

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2021 award winners

2021 Winner:

The Institute of Hospitality Team: Diversity Shield and Youth Council Initiatives

2020 Winner:

Ordinary Residency policy review - North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust