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Team of the Year

The most effective teams don’t happen by accident; they happen when individual contributors come together to pool their talents and work toward a common goal. They are the product of hard work, commitment – and, yes, sometimes a fair amount of struggle.

This award recognizes company secretarial and governance teams who have demonstrated excellent collaboration, who have brought out the best from team members and developed effective and innovative ways of working. They will have a strong sense of team identity, an understanding of their common purpose, good internal communications and clear and complementary skills and roles. Above all, they will share a clear focus on the delivery of organisational and team goals.

This award is open to company secretarial and governance teams of all shapes and sizes. The judges are looking in particular for teams who can evidence they are delivering outstanding performance, tackling problems in creative and effective ways. They may have led upon a reorganisation of business entities, introduced new technologies and processes, or simply gone above and beyond.

2023 award winners - Deliveroo plc

2023 Winner:

Deliveroo plc

2022 Winner:

Apprenticeship Trailblazer Group

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