Day 1

3 July 2024

8.30 Registration, refreshments and networking (Exhibition hall open)

09:45 Welcome from our host

09:55 CEO address

10:00 Keynote address: Politics, persuasion and public trust

  • The UK political environment in 2024
  • What can organisations do about fake news, polarisation and the decline in trust?
  • What can leaders do to build trust in a cynical society?


10.35 How to lead your board through the jungle of AI: Interactive session

Simon Small and and Keti Khukhanashvili take you on an immersive, interactive journey exploring realities vs perceptions; what it really takes to move a board forward on their understanding of AI, where Co-Sec sentiment around AI is at; how to ensure that operational governance is in sync with board governance around AI; and what good looks like for AI capability in your organisation in 2024.


11.15 Refreshment break

11.45 The board’s role in crisis management and reputation

Crisis planning is an essential strategic function of the board. This panel session will cover:

  • What are the key principles and strategies of crisis management?
  • The role of social media in triggering (and resolving) crisis
  • Steps organisations can take to limit reputational damage
  • What support does the board need with crisis planning?
  • How to coordinate different functions, such as legal, communications and operations



12.25 Panel discussion on risk and internal control

In this session, panellists will discuss effective risk management and how to establish an effective control framework.

  • How to set your risk appetite
  • How to get your risk policy right
  • What are the main types of risk management system?
  • How to cascade risk management through the whole organisation
  • Keeping pace with change and testing decision making



13.00 Lunch break

14.00 Breakout Sessions

1 - What’s new? UK Corporate Governance Code: Getting ready for the Code - Act now!

The 2024 UK Corporate Governance Code will come into effect for financial year’s beginning on or after 1st January 2025. What should companies be doing to prepare themselves for the coming changes.



2 - How to get your first NED position

Governance professionals possess many of the skills required to become a NED. This practical session will provide actionable advice and tips to secure your first position as a NED.



3 - Increasing the role of the audit committee and regaining shareholder trust

The role of the audit committee has increased and is increasing, but should it be diminished?  Regulation and stakeholder expectation is placing additional responsibility on this key committee. This session focusses whether we are asking too much of the audit committee, whether these additional expectations reduce its ability to carry out its more traditional responsibilities and how the governance professional can better support it.



Sponsored by Diligent

4 - An AI Center of Excellence: How Does It Help Your Organisation?

A panel discussion featuring experts speaking about the establishment of AI Centre of Excellence in their organisation.  How does the formation of an AI Centre of Excellence drive shareholder value and how can the controls minimise risk for the business? How does an AI Centre of Excellence enable AI initiatives by the Secretariat and facilitate better AI Governance by the Board?



14.35 Breakout Sessions

1 - Board Oversight in Difficult Times: Out of Covid into War

An interactive session in which Lintstock will present the key findings from its latest research assessing how boards are being impacted by recent global crises, including the after-effects of Covid and rising geopolitical tensions. The discussion will explore how governance at the top of organisations is being influenced, and provide practical examples of how Board members and governance professionals are adapting their approach in response.


2 - How best to support the board to determine strategy and the best ways to monitor implementation?
This interactive session will delve into the pivotal role of governance professionals in running successful board strategy away days. Strategy away days are a unique feature in the annual Board calendar, yet a successful away day should create opportunities to understand the choices for the future with the right inputs in the planning phase.
  • Purpose and outcomes – clarity on what should be achieved at the end of the session
  • Getting the best out of everyone attending the strategy away day session
  • Making a difference – what does it take to create space for innovation and long-term planning?
  • Creating long-lasting impact that goes beyond the away day


3 - Does compliance with governance codes lead to improved culture and better decision making?

This panel session will discuss the impact of the Code for Sports Governance on culture and decision making for sports bodies. The panel will also explore the benefits brought by the various Codes in non-listed companies and the unintended consequences with practical recommendations for any company bound by governance Codes.



4 - Maximising your delivery as a company secretary across listed and non-listed sectors

This session will focus on helping you boost your understanding and confidence as well as gain efficiencies, to provide peace of mind.

Sponsored by LawDeb


  • Patrick Davis, Head of UK Corporate Secretarial Services, LawDeb
  • Nicola Lambourne, Director, Listed Corporate Secretarial Services, LawDeb
  • Chelsea Chivers, Head of UK Entity Management, LawDeb

15:10 Afternoon break

15.40 Breakout Sessions

1 - Menopause in the Workplace

Join us for a crucial event where we explore the significant risks of neglecting menopause support in the workplace and the benefits of fostering a menopause-friendly environment. Discover why addressing menopause is essential for your organisation's success.

  • Legal and Reputational Consequences: Growing number of employment tribunals citing menopause, and risks of non-compliance with equality and health and safety laws.
  • Understand the Risks: Increased absenteeism, reduced productivity, and higher employee turnover.
  • Competitive Edge: Insights from leading organisations on mitigating risks and attracting top talent.
  • Actionable Strategies: Practical steps to create a supportive, inclusive environment.


2 - How to have difficult conversations

The governance professional's role as a trusted advisor can require them to have some difficult conversations. This session provides advice on how to approach and conduct difficult conversations in a constructive way.


3 - Director appointment and induction

Launch of a new CGIUKI guidance note on director induction.


4 - Governance professionals: spread too thin or not far enough?

Boards are a bottleneck, stuck in a decision-making doom loop. In this session, we’ll show how leading governance professionals are helping them to break free – and cementing their own position as architects of well-run boards and businesses.


Sponsored by Board Intelligence

16.15 Translating Strategy in to Action - Conference wrap-up

16:50 Closing remarks

17.00 Drinks reception



Wednesday 3 - Thursday 4 July 2024


Novotel London West,
Hotel & Convention Centre,
One Shortlands, Hammersmith
W6 8DR


6-12 hours


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